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May 1, 2018

A major component of our program and something that is built into both our mission statement and program goals as well as our core covenants is the concept of service. Obeying the principle of being intentional about everything we do and knowing things don't just happen, we spend a lot of time trying to help our players become "others oriented". Our goal and mission of developing "men built for others" is all about helping them practice servant leadership, be selfless and always put their teammates needs before their individual needs. Through our buddy system and our off-season teams and the many service opportunities we provide, our players get many chances to learn how to serve.

Over the years, our program has also consistently sought out opportunities to serve our community so our players can serve others while giving back practicing an attitude of gratitude in knowing how much our community has given to them. We have two great opportunities coming up and I want to encourage you to e...

April 6, 2018

Wolfpack Family,

From our very first day back in 2007, our program has ultimately been about helping turn young boys into good young men by intentionally focusing on building strong character qualities throughout all aspects of our program. I always say to our parents, it is a great honor and privilege for us coaches to partner with you to guide and shape your son into a fine young man who will some day become a good husband, a good father and a good member and leader within our communities.

The key ingredient is that we don't just talk about all of this but we intentionally work very hard at it. Along with all of our in season "Pack Strength" character building and training sessions, we have been doing spring leadership classes for several years now. These have been incredible and have had a great impact on our players lives. I was reading a good article just the other day entitled, "Why your players won't lead" and it made some great points I want to attack head on this spring. I'...

February 6, 2018

Every Day is a Great Day! If you have me as a teacher, you hear this message proclaimed each day. Life is all about perspective and it is our choice to wake up each morning and choose to acknowledge we are blessed to take that first breath and receive a gift....another day to live and become our best self.

No day is better than another but some have very fun activities included in them and tonight is the kickoff to our 2018 season. We intentionally work very hard to build a family, a brotherhood, and increase our team chemistry and unity. Ultimately this is the key to our success year in and year out. Tonight's draft is a fun beginning to all of this and we're looking forward to it.

Players will get drafted to teams that will compete all year in fun team building activities. They will build relationships and get to know their teammates through striving to get better together.

We will also be handing out and going through our summer camp packets. The link to summer camps is...

January 29, 2018

WolfPack Football Family,

As this greeting suggests and our mission statement declares, we work very hard and very intentionally as a program to create and build family, team unity and team chemistry within our program. We strive to create a strong brotherhood among our players each season and our upcoming off-season team draft is really the kickoff to all of this and the first event to begin the building process.

Next Tuesday night, Feb 6th at 8pm in the GHS auditorium will be our off-season team draft and attendance is mandatory for anyone who plans on being a part of our special brotherhood this fall. We accomplish many things on this evening thus attendance is very, very important.

First of all, we will hand out our summer camp packets which contain camp brochures and all off-season information from now until we start football in the fall.

Secondly, we will have the draft which is a very fun night for the guys to build their teams and again, begin to build that brotherhood. T...

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