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Wolfpack Community:

This Spring we will again be having our annual Wolfpack Football Lift-A-Thon. The goal of this event is to emphasize the importance of our off-season workouts while giving the community an opportunity to be involved in the process by sponsoring you as a player.  Sponsorships can also be made for the entire team if community members do not have an individual player to sponsor. This years Lift-A-Thon will be completed in a secure online fundraising format through the Wolfpack Football Club which is outlined on the Lift-A-Thon website.

Players who receive at least $100 in sponsorships will earn a 7 on 7 jersey and shorts for the season. Any extra sponsorships will be used to continue to help the Wolfpack Football Club fulfill its mission of helping to provide the very best experience possible for every player that is a part of Wolfpack Football.


Sponsorship’s can be made as a flat dollar amount ($10, $20, $50, $100).

All sponsorships must be made online via the secure Wolfpack Football Club Lift-A-Thon website. Once you have gathered your sponsorships to earn your 7 on 7 gear you MUST turn this form into Coach Wilson. The name, number and sizes you list on this sheet are what we will order for you. There are no returns and no changes of orders once you have submitted this form.


Any questions can be emailed to


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