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Offseason Philosophies

Great football players and teams are made during the off-season. Because we believe this, our off-season program and philosophy is broken down into the following areas of priority:



We are students and citizens before we are athletes. Work hard in the classroom to achieve your very best and take care of all academic issues immediately. Click here for all Wolfpack Academic Policies.



Our program is focused on building quality young men of character. We are interested in young men as sons first, students and citizens second and football players third. Our lettering and awards system is based on the total person and all they accomplish and are committed to in all these areas. We want to see our players get involved in their community and be a quality example for future WolfPack student athletes.


Other Sports

It is our goal to have every one of our football players involved in another sport during the winter and spring off-season times if possible. We believe that the value of competing in basketball or wrestling during the winter and track during the spring is immeasurable. This same philosophy applies to why we believe every young man at Glacier High School should play football in the fall and not focus on or specialize in one sport.


Building Team

The Pack exists to build team unity and to establish trust and accountability. We are a family and a family cares about each other, takes care of each other, and works to achieve common goals together. There are no individuals or lone rangers and the team always comes before individual concerns. Click here for a detailed look at The Pack.


Speed and Weight Training

The weight room is a top priority in our program. Each player must be committed to consistently build his speed and strength throughout his four years of high school. 
Our physical education curriculum provides us the opportunity to do this during the academic day. 
- Freshmen should take "Fitness Conditioning" both semesters.
- Sophomores should take "Applied Fitness" both semesters.
- Juniors should take "Applied Fitness" both semesters.
- Seniors should take "Applied Fitness" at least the first semester.
For those who cannot fit the "Applied Fitness" curriculum into their schedule, morning and after school lifting sessions will be provided. 
During the summer, check the CORE program schedule for specific dates and times.


Open Gyms

Open gym workouts will be offered at various times during the spring based on coaches and school schedules. Check the main page of the website or with your position coach for specific open gym dates and times.


Summer Camps

Summer camps are a way to improve both team and individual skill. Click here to see a comprehensive list of our Summer Camps.

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