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Player Protein Program


Enhance the physical well-being and performance of athletes by providing nutritional support through providing healthy snacks such as protein bars during the first period PE class.

Issue or Concern being addressed:
This initiative is attempting to address the concern that student athletes are not adequately addressing nutrition by not eating breakfast or a healthy breakfast due to a lack of knowledge, financial issues, accessibility, or a combination of these. Coaches and Teachers have observed and/or discussed the concern of getting adequate nutrition for the student's daily/athletic needs. This initiative seeks to mitigate this issue by providing accessible and wholesome protein bars, fostering a supportive environment that prioritizes the athlete's well-being, and contributing to their overall physical development on and off the field.

The initiative will provide each student of the first period Applied Fitness class that participates in the program a protein bar after each class.


This is a voluntary program for the student Athletes as we are asking them to participate and make a financial contribution towards the program.

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