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"The Pack" exists to build team unity and chemistry. It establishes the fact that we are much more than simply a football team...we are a family. A family cares about one another, loves one another and works to make sure that each member experiences success. A family takes care of each other and watches each others backs. It establishes leadership, accountability and responsibility.


The weight room is where the majority of this unity and chemistry is built and the family members seek to hold each other accountable and make sure they are committed not only to making themselves better, but to making the team the best it can be. Players are encouraged to lift as a family or as "The Pack" in the Glacier High School weight room and not by themselves, at home, or at an athletic club so all the goals we are trying to accomplish within this philosophy are possible. We will go to war on Friday nights together so we must go to war during the off-season together in the weight room.


Within "The Pack" each position group is a Pack Group or smaller family unit. Each group has captains and between the captains and the position group coach, there is accountability. These groups also develop chemistry outside the weight room doing activities together.

2024 Off-season Team Captains
Carson Baker
Kobe Dorcheus
Easton Kauffman
Bridger Smith
Ben Winters
Will Astle
Wayne Cox
Ethan Kastelitz
Jackson Presley
Jack Robinson
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