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WolfPack Football Family,

As this greeting suggests and our mission statement declares, we work very hard and very intentionally as a program to create and build family, team unity and team chemistry within our program. We strive to create a strong brotherhood among our players each season and our upcoming off-season team draft is really the kickoff to all of this and the first event to begin the building process.

Next Tuesday night, Feb 6th at 8pm in the GHS auditorium will be our off-season team draft and attendance is mandatory for anyone who plans on being a part of our special brotherhood this fall. We accomplish many things on this evening thus attendance is very, very important.

First of all, we will hand out our summer camp packets which contain camp brochures and all off-season information from now until we start football in the fall.

Secondly, we will have the draft which is a very fun night for the guys to build their teams and again, begin to build that brotherhood. The off-season captains pick their teams and throughout the off-season we have fun doing various competitions and awarding points for involvement and performance in many areas.

Lastly, we assign the varsity jersey roster numbers for this fall. We start with seniors, move to juniors and then finish with sophs allowing them the chance to choose the number they want to wear for the rest of their careers as a Wolfpack.

This will be a great night to get things started for 2018 so please make sure it is on your calendar and in your plans. It is for players only (next years soph, jrs and srs), should take about 1 hr and should be over at around 9pm.


Coach Bennett

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