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Every Day is a Great Day! If you have me as a teacher, you hear this message proclaimed each day. Life is all about perspective and it is our choice to wake up each morning and choose to acknowledge we are blessed to take that first breath and receive a gift....another day to live and become our best self.

No day is better than another but some have very fun activities included in them and tonight is the kickoff to our 2018 season. We intentionally work very hard to build a family, a brotherhood, and increase our team chemistry and unity. Ultimately this is the key to our success year in and year out. Tonight's draft is a fun beginning to all of this and we're looking forward to it.

Players will get drafted to teams that will compete all year in fun team building activities. They will build relationships and get to know their teammates through striving to get better together.

We will also be handing out and going through our summer camp packets. The link to summer camps is now up on the website. You can visit this for dates, times and links to brochures for all of our summer camps for all ages. The varsity/JV Spokane camp is $225 this year which covers transportation, meals, lodging and insurance. The camp t-shirt is $10 extra if campers want to purchase it so total of $235. Please make checks out to "Glacier Wolfpack Football Camp" and we'll pay all bills from this account.

We will roll out our Lift-a-Thon tonight as well. Players will have a month to collect pledges before we have our first speed and strength testing week March 7-9. The Lift-a-Thon event will be on Thursday night, March 8th at 7pm and will be a fun activity for the entire team and family members as players who have met certain lifting criteria will max under the lights in front of everyone. Funds raised from the Lift-a-Thon will purchase player 7 on 7 uniforms (for players who raised at least $100) as well as purchase a new end zone video system. There is a "Lift-a-Thon" button at the top of every page of our website that explain everything and guides users through the donation process. We will only collect funds electronically again this year as it is so much easier for the boys not to have to carry around any money and maintains an extra layer of fund security. This also allows you to share it out on Facebook, email or other social media with friends and family all over the country and they can donate any amount they'd like quickly and securely. You can find a link to the Lift-A-Thon page here:

Thanks and it's going to be a great 2018 season! Go Pack!

Coach B

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