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Wolfpack Family,

We are very intentional about what we do in our football program. We are committed to not just talking about very important, life shaping topics and making them cliches that sound good to say. We want to always be intentional about consistently doing something about these topics and traits. We seek to establish, build and make them permanent fixtures in our players lives. We work hard and intentionally to build a family with our entire program including every player and every member of his family. This process has begun for 2018 and I'm very excited about it. We also work hard to build a brotherhood among our players and I love the signs I'm seeing early on and the steps our leaders are taking to ensure this happens. We work hard, and very intentionally, to establish our culture and solidify the "Core Covenants" of that culture. As hard as we as coaches work at this however, it is ultimately up to the players, and each and every year, in a new and powerful way, that culture must be established, built and lived out by the players. Here is a great quote that speaks to this fact.

"Culture is not a coach constantly screaming, disciplining, correcting or pushing...Culture is when one player grabs another player to say "That's not how we do it here" when they notice them not following instructions or acting the wrong way...It's player driven!"

This is a fact and goes perfectly with our theme this season "As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Man Sharpens Another". Again, I'm excited to see what's happening currently with our young men and how they are starting to understand this concept and I can't wait to build on it with them through this spring and summer.

A few very important reminders: 1 - Spokane camp packets are coming in and the order I receive them is the order I will hand out equipment. So get your packet in asap with at least a $50 down payment to secure your spot. Remember camp is $225 and the t-shirt is $10. If you put down a $50 deposit, please mark whether you want a t-shirt or not and what size and I will credit $10 to the t-shirt first and the other $40 to the camp so your balance owed will be $185.

2 - Players, continue to collect your Lift-a-Thon pledges and change the date of the Lift-a-Thon event to Wed, Mar 7th at 7pm in the GHS gymnasium, NOT Thurs, Mar 8th. Invite all your friends and family to come watch the show that night as it will be a ton of fun. Remember that a player must raise at least $100 to earn his 7 on 7 uniforms. We hope all players take advantage of this opportunity to get some great gear, but also to help support the Wolfpack Football Club by raising money which helps our program out in so many ways!

Great job to all the boys who, in the name of Glacier school spirit, came and cheered our girls basketball team on last Friday night. It was great to see and much appreciated. Good work!

Coach B

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